Video Games in the Hall of Fame (and more about FORTRAN you didn’t want to hear), How Kuwaii Can You Make Fallout’s Wasteland, No Cashiers, No Lines, a Checkout-Free Time, Future Air-Cleaning AC Units, and More!

No matter who you are, you’ve probably played Solitaire at least once, but have you ever tried Colossal Cave Adventure? This is just one of the 2 other games on top of Solitaire that made it into the Video Games Hall of Fame this year. Also, is Fallout 4 not anime enough for you? Then download a new mod that changes your NPCs into cute, expressive, anime characters – definitely nuclear wasteland compatible.

But maybe you’re hungry and need to go to the store but hate waiting in long lines for checkout so you decide to eat Doritos and Pizza Rolls instead. Wait! Before you do, if you live in the UK, there might be a grocery shop just for you! No checkout lines and an app to scan for your purchases makes the whole trip all the more seclusive and enticing! Maybe you feel guilty about driving there though, adding to all those CO2 emissions for your tasty home-cooked meal. Don’t fret! Your AC unit of the future may offset that carbon footprint by absorbing CO2 more efficiently than trees and even make its own fuel! Is this the future? Are you dreaming? No, it’s just Techscopo News!


– 11:22 – You might have known about Solitaire making it to the World Video Game Hall of Fame, but here are 3 other inductees you may not have heard about

– 21:54 – Forager Developer HopFrog released update roadmap this week discussing new game modes, mod support, a new biome, multiplayer, and more!

– 38:22 – Fallout 4 goes all Kawaii with a new mod designed to make NPCs into expressive, anime-styled characters

– 47:38 – 5 historically low game deals you may want to add to your game library today!

– 51:41 – Ford to offer Amazon in-car delivery service & on-demand car washes

– 1:06:36 – Google Maps to start publishing menus to try and tempt your taste buds and shopping links below YouTube videos?

– 1:14:24 – UK getting its first ‘checkout-free’ grocery store

– 1:23:28 – Your future AC unit may filter out CO2 in the air and turn it into a rich ‘AC-derived’ fuel source

– 1:35:06 – Indiegogo campaign for AirLoop: World’s first 3-in-1 convertible earbuds

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