More Stardew Valley Mod News, $9,000 Anime Breastmilk, and Kitty-Cats Being Fired into Space – No Shortage of the Weird and Interesting this Week!

This week it’s all about the funky and weird! Do you play games? Of course you do. Tired of that lag and “jitteriness” when playing all those major FPS competitive games? Well Cox claims to have the solution for you – if… you happen to play on Windows PCs only and if… you want to pay $15 extra a month.

Maybe you don’t want to play games and you want to make them. If you want to recreate that nostalgia experience from back in the 90s, try creating your vision on the newly released GB Studio and make the Gameboy game of your dreams!

But while you’re longing for that past nostalgia fix, Ford’s looking to the future with fun, quirky “quality-of-life” upgrades on things other than vehicles – auto-braking carts, bed conveyer belts, and more. Sound interesting? Thinking about breaking out the wallet but worried it’s going to “brake” the bank? Start using Brave browser and get paid… kinda… to look at ads you might have otherwise chosen to block. All that and more at Techscopo!


7:26 – New Stardew Valley Expanded mod to give the player that magical feeling they experienced when they first started playing the game

20:34 – Cox Internet adds a $15 a month offering for faster access to online game servers and no… it doesn’t violate previous net-neutrality legislation

33:11 – New tool called GB Studio lets anyone create their own Game Boy Game

40:09 – Crowdfunding campaign had a $9000 tier to get breastfed by a virtual anime Youtuber – and somebody bought it

52:50 – Oregon man to send dead cat to space, promises he’ll shower the world with his love

57:56 – Ford’s futuristic shopping cart, conveyor belt bed, and a noise cancelling dog house

1:07:10 – New Chrome extension for Fakespot that will forever change your Amazon shopping experience

1:18:22 – Brave browser too reward those who opt-in to view ads

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