Monster Hunter Witcher Event, Millionaires with Private Islands, the Elusive FB Clear History Tool and the Future of Walmart Work Robots!

It’s been a while, but Monster Hunter news is back with the Spring festival just around the corner, coming with it, soon after, the Witcher content we’ve been craving for since the console release back in February. Also, if you’re a game designer, there’s a millionaire that wants your expertise for the next big, real-life battle royale on a private island with airsoft guns, food, and a chance to win 100k in European big ones. I wonder if there’ll be loot boxes too? Hmm…

Minor correction – towards the end, I said 7th episode… getting ahead of myself here as this is only the 6th episode.

Oh, and if you’re looking to sign up for that job posting, check it out here.

As always, thanks for joining us again this week and as always, leave your comments, helpful criticism, and good spirits below! Next week is the big week where we activate the feeds! Stay tuned on your podcast platform of choice as we flip the switches, light the torches, push the buttons, etc. etc.


– 12:35 – MHW Spring Blossom Festival, Witcher content and more!
– 24:30 – Assassin’s Creed creator confirms Amsterdam 1666 is still going to happen
– 32:54 – Real life battle royal event planned on private island and needs help from game maker to design arena
– 46:19 – Final Fantasy 15 director’s 1st independent title is a Paralympic RPG video game
– 54:18 – Facebook delays ‘Clear History’ tool for a 2nd time
– 1:01:10 – How to find old websites no longer listed in Google search results
– 1:09:18 – Hyundai to demo new ‘Digital Key’ app at NY Int. Auto Show
– 1:21:30 – Walmart expanding tech in-stores, including new ‘Pickup Tower’ for online orders

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