US Army Gets HUDs, Google Maps Gets More of the Waze Treatment, Quieter Toilets, and Flying Panties – It’s A Panty Party!

We get a closer look at what the US Army is doing with Microsoft’s Hololens, but while you’re sitting on your much quieter airplane toilet thinking about that, you could pull out your phone and see all the wonderful Waze features making their way into Google maps (they let you turn off airplane mode after you get up in the after a while – don’t look at me like that)! Of course, we’re covering more – and yes, I mean ‘we’ because the man, the myth, the LEGEND is back so we’re back to the routine schedule! Speaking of which… have you ever tried sheep milk?

We made a bit of a misnomer on the Cities Skylines mod we talked about – it’s not ‘CJB’ (not sure where I came up with that name), but rather CSM (Cities Skylines Multiplayer… d’oh). Also, Andrew made a reference to ‘Master Sword’ when he meant ‘Energy Sword’… I know… it’s little, but I can already hear the Halo fans now 😉

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As always – here are the timestamps:

10:16 – Army Hololens

21:36 – Playing Hard Documentary

32:13 – Panty Party

45:52 – What does space smell like?

56:58 – New Google Maps features

1:05:45 – Silencing roaring airplane toilets

1:15:30 – Amazon hot air balloon drone

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