So Many Updates, So Little Time! Also, Big Volvo Watching You SHAKE and STIR Those Robocalls!

Kynseed lets you run your own blacksmith shop now in recent update and Steam library UI gets a massive overhaul this summer, all while Volvo questions whether it’s up to car manufacturers to affect human behavior and decision making with its new camera technologies.

It’s a solo talk this week – I know, I know… the life of the party isn’t here, but he’ll be back! Just try to put up with me for now 😛 As always, we’re open to comments that you can leave below, we love engaging with the future community. I know I keep saying we’re going to get this on feed soon, and we will, but it’s just… gotta feel right, you know?


  • 2:26 – Kynseed developers release major update dubbed “Down to Business” as well as making available the Kynseed roadmap
  • 7:21 – Steam UI update revealed at 2019 GDC slated for release this year
  • 12:33 – Volvo planning on using cameras in its vehicles to fight back against distracted and drunk driving
  • 19:36 – AT&T and Comcast cooperate to combat robo-calling through the use of SHAKEN/STIR protocol between their networks

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