The Ice is Patchy in Iceborne, Dumb Cars to Smart Cars, and Tiny Phones get Tinier – It’s a Late Night for Techscopo!

Hello again and welcome to another glorious week! Today we’re talking about Monster Hunter World: Iceborne getting some much-needed patches, ye olde Combat Evolved has a closed beta, dumb cars can become autonomous cars with a few small caveats, AR contact lenses, and much more! Thanks for joining us 😊


15:10 – Monster Hunter World Iceborne gets patch that supposedly fixes save issue and improves CPU performance

29:01 – Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary begins beta testing on PC next month

36:38 – Lenna’s Inception is a New Indie Title That Gives off Major Zelda a Link to the Past Vibes with Coop

46:04 – 5 game deals you may want to add to your game library today!

50:37 – Google has developed new AI weather models that allow for ‘nearly instantaneous’ weather forecast predictions

1:03:47 – Comma AI ‘Comma Two’ self-driving add-on tech will soon be available for purchase on January 20th

1:20:09 – AR contact lenses actually exist and may one day allow you to live out your sci-fi, cyberpunk future dreams!

1:34:29 – Crowdfunded project of the week: Zabco tiny t2, The World’s Smallest Phone!!

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