Filter Air, Filter Water, Filter People – We’re Cleaning Things Up and Out This Week

Come one, come all to post-CES content out in the wild this week as we dug deep to find things amidst all that might have gotten glazed over. On the gaming side, we’re still getting over top 10’s and top 12’s of this and that over the past year, but here we are looking at mods, demakes, and a lengthy discussion over our abundant disappointment in Capcom over their PC released of Iceborne…


17:52 – Someone Made A Cyberpunk ‘Playstation 1 Inspired’ Demake in Media Molecule’s Dreams

40:45 – Someone made a Sekiro combat overhaul mod for Skyrim

51:24 – Microsoft is Attempting to Implement a New Technique in Video Game Chat to Prevent Pedos

1:01:09 – 5 game deals you may want to add to your game library today!

1:04:02 – Introducing…The personal air filter that straps to your face by Atmos!

1:15:20 – Hydraloop water recycler helps the planet and your wallet by sterilizing and reusing your household water

1:22:11 – Bosch engineers have finally come up solution to modernize the sun visor

1:27:44 – Crowdfunded project of the week: MOTION PILLOW 2nd Generation – Anti Snoring Pillow

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