Celebrate Indie Developers, Boo Smart TV Ads, Drink Coffee, and Watch Your Comments: Happy Post-St.Patty’s Day Recovery!

Dwarf fortress gets graphics, Sniper Elite announcements, invasive ads on televisions, and coffee beans with lazy means – we’ve got the green light to go on Episode 3 of the Techscopo podcast. But what is this? Andrew’s leaving me all by myself soon? Whatever will I do??

We’re aiming to get this better week after week as you’re all too well aware – we ran into some technical difficulties during recording this week but we’re hoping that the quality keeps getting better and better. One of these days… it’s gonna be perfect, by golly I swear it!

As always, please feel free to leave any comments, suggestions, constructive criticism, etc. below! We’re always happy to engage with the future community in any way positively that we can.


19:30 – Dwarf Fortress coming to Steam because developer needs Healthcare

27:08 – 7 days to build a rogue-like challenge just wrapped up for this year – 145 total entries

38:45 – Stardew Valley has made its way to Android devices

47:47 – A new Sniper Elite title is on the way – As well as some other Sniper Elite goodies

57:52 – Vizio wants next-gen smart TVs to target ads to households

1:08:26 – Microsoft AI Vision app for the blind helps you explore photos with touch

1:15:02 – Solution for lazy coffee addicts, Bottomless has you covered

1:21:48 – Tune Chrome extension to filter out toxic comments

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