Subscriptions or DLC, VR and the Arctic, and AI to Tell You When You’ll Die – A Rollercoaster This Week!

Another week closer to 30 and we’ve got more news about Nintendo and their subscription obsessions, Pokémon talks, holograms that make us feel closer to the sci-fi future of our dreams, and ‘blade curtains’ (my brain hurts okay?) All that and more at Techscopo!

Just a heads up too, we won’t host an episode next week due to some holiday stuffs but we’ll be back the following week! Until then, have a great couple of weeks!


23:00 – Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – Launching a paid subscription?

38:56 – Age of Empires 4 – No microtransactions or in-game purchases

50:01 – Let’s talk Pokémon!

1:12:14 – 5 game deals you may want to add to your game library today!

1:15:54 – Researchers may have found a better way to reduce burning that involves watching VR scenes of the Arctic

1:25:55 – Researchers have created holograms that you can now hear and feel!

1:38:13 – New cardiology A.I. can accurately predict your chances of dying in the next year

1:45:48 – Crowdfunded project of the week: SwitchBot Curtain – Make your curtain smart in seconds!

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