Games That Finish Development, More FNAF? Oh You Know It!, Fake Plants/Real Drugs, Prosthetics You Can Feel, and More – I’m Feeling It This Week!

We’re back and we’ve got some random ones this week! Timeslip Softworks says they’re hopefully, completely done with their game Vigilantes – everything’s so “live-service’ these days, it’s hard to believe games actually finish. Speaking of games that finish, what about game series’? Well, Scott Cawthon says NAY with a new FNAF AR game coming out this year. What does space, aluminum, Styrofoam, and saran wrap have in common? Nothing of note, but scientists have found a way to work them together to make another renewable energy option! Scientists have also found a way to inject fake leaves to make medicinal drugs. All that and more with Techscopo news!


12:04 – Timeslip Softworks’ Vigilantes Gets 1.06 Update – The Final and Definite State of the Game

30:35 – Five Knights at Freddy’s AR: Special Delivery Announced with Pre-Registration on iOS and Android

42:26 – Retroarch Adds Real-Time Translation to Emulated Games

50:06 – 5 game deals you may want to add to your game library today!

56:07 – Team scientists have created a $30 device that turns the cold of outer space into renewable energy

1:07:46 – Researchers have produced drugs by way of an artificial leaf that uses natural sunlight

1:21:24 – New Prosthetic leg lets amputees feel their foot and knee through sensory feedback in real-time

1:31:26 – Crowdfunded project of the week: Encompass – Brush Smarter, Better & Faster

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