FINALLY – Cat Treadmill Technology! Oh… and Dog Shelter Simulator, Proactive AI to Tell When Your Fridge Will Break, Lavender-Scented Shower Water, and More – So Fresh!

Welcome to another week where there’s something about cats, dogs, or both and the tech and games that surround them! There’s also something about charity, exclusivity, and both in there as well! PR? Ultimatums? Just overall good causes? It’s sounds like real food for thought, so why don’t you grab a slice and have someone power level your gaming stats at the same time? All that and a bag of breadsticks – this… is Techscopo!


– 4:02 – DARQ dev pledges 100% of Epic revenue to charity – if it gets on the store non-exclusively

– 18:27 – To the Rescue! A Dog Shelter Simulator Enters its Final Week for Backing

– 34:46 – Pizza Hut Wants to Hire Call of Duty Pro in Unusual Job Posting

– 46:09 – 5 game deals you may want to add to your game library today!

– 49:52 – Automakers are moving one step closer to FINALLY offering door-mounted side cameras in the U.S.

– 58:32 – LG has developed a ‘proactive’ AI to predict appliance problems before they happen

– 1:10:21 – A new lithium metal battery coating could speed the availability of next-gen battery tech

– 1:21:50 – New smart cat treadmill could help your cat get in better shape

– 1:26:34 – Crowdfunded project of the week: Misson8, 5-in-1 Shower solution

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