Scholarships for Smash Players, Blinking Eye Chips, Robotic Tails, and Fabric Electronics – We’re Weaving Our Way Through the News!

With all the hub-bub on Steam’s privilege escalation exploit, it looks like a patch has made its way to Steam Beta Client users, while if you have a Nintendo Switch instead, and go to the University of California Irvine, you may be looking at scholarships for those ‘smashing’ Super Smash Bros. skills. If, instead, you’re not into gaming at all but would rather rock back and forth in your rocking chair knitting all day long, well STAND ASIDE… there’s a new AI in town ready to automate the task. Dry-eyes, smart shirts, and robot tails – these were the ingredients chosen to make the perfect Techscopo episode!


2:30 – Steam releases patch for their Steam client beta that fixed privilege escalation exploit

18:50 – University of California Irving offers scholarships to Top 6 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players

29:35 – 40-year-old man arrested for death threats against Square Enix

44:30 – 5 game deals you may want to add to your game library today!

49:57 – MIT researchers are working on an AI-based knitting software that may one day let everyone make their own knitted clothes

57:47 – Researchers have a created a blinking human ‘eye’ chip to help develop better treatments for dry eye disease

1:04:53 – Japanese scientists have created a robotic tail that promises to deliver better balance and agility

1:14:08 – Engineers at Idaho based Solar Roadways Inc. have developed solar panels that can be used as road in place of tarmac

1:23:43 – Researchers have developed a way to turn fabric into a simple electronic device

1:31:34 – Crowdfunded project of the week: KATRIS – The multifunctional cat lounge

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