Jacked DEEEER, Vortex Hits Their 1.0 Release, Bubble Wrap 2.0, and Vibrating Dog Technology – We’re Up-to-Date This Week!

We’re back after being gone for a week, but the news doesn’t stop! Crazy indie titles coming out of the woodworks, mods that defy physics (and lifespans), everything’s out of beta (okay, not everything but still…), bubble wrap isn’t fun anymore (but works better), AI can tell when you’re cutting in line, and so much more. Thanks for continuing to stick with us!


20:40 – “Deeeer Simulator” is exactly what it sounds like… living life as a deer that can merge other animals together into a living transformer fighting hippos with machine guns sticking out of their mouths.

35:57 – Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 ride that was developed takes 45 real world years to finish

48:20 – The team at Nexus Mods have officially released version 1.0 of their Vortex mod manager

56:53 – 5 game deals you may want to add to your game library today!

1:02:10 – Japanese researchers are working on developing a tire that generates electricity as it rolls

1:12:04 – 3M has reinvented bubble wrap that promises to reduce shipping materials by half

1:21:22 – Researchers have created a haptic canine vest that lets humans communicate with dogs using a remote control

1:28:50 – ‘AI Bar’ system uses facial recognition to create a virtual queue letting bar staff know who really was next in line

1:40:37 – Crowdfunded project of the week: Keystone

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