Kickstarter Achievements, Essential v2, and Digital Doggies Get The Pets They Deserve

Between Kickstarter goals being reached, to gift bags, digital dog petting, and privacy controls – it sounds like a pretty wholesome week… but what about all those sniffles coming from Andrew??

Hopefully the sound came out better for you folks this week! We made a few adjustments to our recording space, so between the physical and digital tweaks we’re hoping that you’ll observe a crisper recording experience!

As always, please feel free to leave any comments, suggestions, constructive criticism, etc. below! We’re always happy to engage with the future community in any way positively that we can.


  • 6:00 – Summer in Mara Receives Almost 12x Funding Goal on Kickstarter
  • 20:20 – New Twitter account tracks which video game dogs you can pet
  • 26:30 – Cities: Skylines Highlights 6 Million Copies Sold and Crazy Player Stats to Celebrate Fourth Anniversary
  • 35:24 – Divinity: Original Sin 2 is adding free “gift bags” through the Year
  • 43:15 – Essential making a comeback with 2nd generation Essential phone?
  • 53:30 – Gorilla glass working on a “foldable glass”
  • 1:03:02 – YouTube adding a video “Fact Check” feature
  • 1:13:20 – Facebook plans to control privacy, too late?

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