Another BS Week – Robot Bartenders, Console Game Talk, the Witcher Show, and More Random Talk

Just a week of us BS’ing about the things we love to talk about – games and tech. Stick around with us as we chat about some of the random stuff we saw covered in the space throughout the week while we wrap up a birthday week for the birthday boy – Andrew! Whether it’s celebrating with robot bartenders pouring us the perfect drink to celebrate, whether the next big gaming purchase should be a Switch or a Playstation (or both??), Star Citizen reaching even higher crowd-funding goals, and more, we’re still talking news, but we’re letting our hair down this week. It’s also a shorter chunk of time this week because we REALLY wanted to play some Oculus Quest co-op games before I had to go and do more work, so just chillax with us as we speculate!

Lastly, we won’t be having an episode next week because of some prior engagements, so you’ll see us again August 4th – stay connected folks!

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