Drag and Drop Game Development, Congress and Rocket League, Cars with Solar Panels, and Dog Nose-Print ID – News Hounds on the Trail!

Welcome to another week where this time we dive more into Steam Lab’s current active experiments, talk about a new drag and drop game development engine Manu, prototype smart glass that can read numbers on the wall, more retro handheld consoles, and so much more!


12:41 – Let’s Discuss Steam Lab’s 3 Active Experiments

31:54 – Manu, Another Drag-and-Drop Video Game Development Platform Has Been Announced

44:50 – ESA Had Congress Members Play Rocket League to Teach Them More Personally About E-Sports and Gaming Communities

57:22 – 5 game deals you may want to add to your game library today!

1:04:30 – Toyota, NEDO, and Sharp are actively testing concept EVs run entirely from solar batteries

1:19:08 – New prototype smart glass can recognize numbers with no added tech and may one day be a viable way to unlock smartphones

1:28:40 – Panasonic developing green appliances using plant-derived plastic

1:38:34 – A Chinese AI startup is tracking dogs via their nose prints to reunite lost dogs with their owners

1:45:05 – Crowdfunded project of the week: LYRA – Handheld gaming console

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