Farming Cats, Neuroplasticity, Plastic Bottle Houses, and Faster Ad Blocking – That’s a Lot of Hours!

Another week and we’re back to the format! Play games for hours in VR or get massages while you wonder the possible consequences. Don’t think about that too much though while you taste test your wine for urine – but wait! Now you don’t have to – with IBM’s future “e-tongue” which can tell you everything inside your liquids (including things you didn’t want to know about). Thinking about building a home? Well, just save all your bottles and turn them into your walls, the future of home building with recycled plastics starts today! Games while you drive, irritating UI for your eyes, it’s Brave and ongoing – Techscopo news!


11:45 – New Fire Emblem: Three Houses game could potentially take over 200 hours to complete

25:38 – Snacko is a cute farming adventure sim game that lets you play as a cat as you build up the farm and the town

37:20 – Ongoing research is being conducted to see if there’s a link between VR and dementia

53:28 – User Inyerface game that shows off the worst UI design elements

59:05 – 5 game deals you may want to add to your game library today!

1:09:30 – IBM Research lab develops ‘e-tongue’ that can taste and identify different liquids

1:18:00 – Is a house made of recycled plastic bottles the future of home building?

1:26:22 – Your next escape from the real world could one day be a virtual reality massage center

1:30:40 – Brave web browser will soon block ads much, much faster than before by rebuilding its ad-blocking algorithm

1:39:05 – Crowdfunded project of the week: DataCar – Gamifying the Driving Experience

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