VR Kitten Destruction, Bendy GPS Signals, Snail Glue, and More – Quite Ethical, Quite Fun!

Chinese Parents now write in English while Nintendo DMCA’s another fan project (to nobody’s surprise). Don’t worry if that’s got you down, because you’re about to be Kitten’d and smitten with a new VR title just hot off early access; play with the kittens or feel their wrath! Hopefully you don’t lose connection while petting those digital furballs… maybe you should switch to LiFi instead! With all these LED light waves and “bendy” GPS waves, you should have minimal interference, so strap in, fasten tight with your snail glued straps, and get ready for the news – Techscopo news!


– 11:32 – Developer of Chinese Parents just release an English patch earlier this week

– 28:25 – Mario Royale is now DMCA Royale following a DMCA letter from Nintendo

– 38:28 – Kitten’d leaves early access and is VR game about making kittens happy or facing the wrath of their destructive tendencies

– 49:27 – 5 game deals you may want to add to your game library today!

– 1:01:14 – Signify’s new LiFi system to deliver up to 150 Mbps of speedy internet connected goodness all via LED light waves

– 1:18:11 – Weather forecasting data to soon use ‘bendy’ GPS signals thanks to new cluster of satellites

– 1:30:14 – Researchers are developing a new prototype ‘snail-inspired’ adhesive that’s reusable and 7 times stronger than the strongest Velcro

– 1:37:53 – Crowdfunded project of the week: Townew – “The Self Sealing, Self-Changing Trash Can”

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