It’s Raining Retro-Arcade Systems, Bulletproof Foam, and Solar Islands to Soak the Rays – Happy E3 Week?

Another week doing oversaturated news like a bullet-hell with all that E3 coverage flying around everywhere. The GTA 5 casino that’s been closed for 6 years now might finally be opening while retro game console Kickstarters are coming out of the wood works – each with their own schtick from light gun controllers to more games added to the pile. Bulletproom foam, Walmart store to fridge deliveries, air conditioning drink coolers, it’s a rollercoaster of weirdness this week with Techscopo news.


– 13:47 – GTA 5 casino might finally be opening after 6 years of silence

– 27:58 – A second Namco collection has been revealed for the Evercade arcade system

– 33:56 – A new light gun will give you ability to play Duck Hunt like the good ole days with Polymega’s light gun controller

– 48:01 – 5 games on sale you may want to add to your game library today!

– 55:30 – A new metal foam claims to be as bulletproof as heavy steel

– 1:07:48 – Researchers are proposing a new idea of creating solar methanol islands using ocean CO2

– 1:27:12 – Walmart’s new “In-home Delivery” service will take care of putting away your groceries for you

– 1:38:07 – Crowdfunded project of the week: Totcooly

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