Kids Learning to Code with Gaming, Cooling Wood, Side Cameras Instead of Side Mirrors, and Flying Cars – Fly Like an Eagle!

This week we talk about a game console that lets kids play while they code, but if you’re too old for that and ready to tie the knot, it’s time to take a trip to Japan and get official – Pokémon wedding official that is! But before you run, you gotta walk, and soon you’ll have smarter crosswalks to get you across that street faster. Look both ways though! You might see Honda’s new car without side view mirrors – the camera probably saw you first. Flying cars, dirty toothbrushes, we got it all here… at Techscopo news!

Oh, and a small edit – Andrew totally got me on the programming language dates – C++ WAS an 80s language, COBOL was way wrong… that was a 50s/60s language… and here I was blabbing on about being the coding guy 😉


– 12:40 – New game console GameBender promises to let kids modify games as they play them to help teach them programming concepts

– 35:31 – Have officially licensed Pokemon wedding ceremonies in Japan

– 45:32 – Rumor of Fable 4 crops up as the game appears in Microsoft’s own Mixer database

– 56:28 – 5 games on sale you may want to add to your game library today!

– 1:00:32 – The answer to better cooling your home may soon involve the wood that you use

– 1:12:25 – Traffic lights of the future will employ cameras to tell you when you want to cross the road

– 1:22:06 – Hondas new compact EV to launch with side cameras instead of mirrors, though sadly the US will miss out

– 1:32:46 – Alaka’i Technologies is joining the list of companies developing flying cars with the launch of its craft called the Skai

– 1:47:28 – You may be shocked how dirty your toothbrush is, luckily a toothbrush exists that includes a UV sanitizing feature to get rid of 99.9% of bacteria on your toothbrush

– 1:54:48 – Featured crowdfunded project of the week: RoadWayve

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