Industry Gamification, Pictures and Pups, Still Contending with People Not Wanting to Wear Their Damn Seatbelts, and the Future of Temperature Regulating Clothes – Stay Breezy!

We’re back after a week hiatus primarily caused from us fiddling around with firewalls and whatnot, so what a great time to talk about occupying yourself with gamification! Don’t worry! I’m sure industry isn’t trying to manipulate metric rewards or anything… something, something Pavlovian law. But between new mods to make NPCs poop, to DLC that adds dogs, to games about taking pictures of dogs – you should have PLENTY to do!

Also, now we’ve got “buckle to drive”… apparently click-it-or-ticket isn’t enough? Or maybe those horrifying recreations of injuries incurred by seatbelt survivors had they not been wearing it? In any case, Chevy’s trying to encourage more people to wear their seatbelts. Between that, car AI that adds human variability, to exercise apps that have real coaches nagging you day-in to day-out to get off that couch and lift some weights… eventually we’re going to be the healthiest and safest society that could ever be imagined. Any day now. Yup. Or maybe this is just Techscopo news!


16:02 – Amazon adopting more ‘gamification’ in its warehouses

36:52 – New No Man’s Sky mod that lets you feed mobile NPCs too have them poop money for you

43:27 – Kingdom Come Deliverance final DLC ‘A Woman’s Lot’ adds 10-15 hours of gameplay, new dog companion mechanics, and an alternate universe perspective from a familiar character in the series

50:40 – Puparazzi is a new upcoming game about making the sensible choice to photograph pups doing cool stuff in the world instead of your regular photography job

57:53 – 5 games on sale you may want to add to your game library today!

1:02:34 – Chevy rolling out new “Buckle to Drive” feature to encourage teens to buckle their seatbelts

1:16:35 – New future smart clothes tech aims to keep you at the perfect temperature at all times

1:26:30 – We may not be far from autonomous car AI that can drive like humans

1:36:35 – Future launches new exercise app for $150/mo where you’re nagged by real coaches in 1-on-1 personal training sessions

1:48:40 – Featured crowdfunded project of the week – SolarBar

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