Games and the Mind, Google Data Collection UNCHAINED, and VR in the Workplace – Celebrating Episode #10 with No Special Guest Unfortunately ☹

For those that had heard about this upcoming episode and were expecting a special guest this week, I’m sorry to say, you’ll be disappointed; scheduling and long road-trip times got in the way. But you know what never gets in the way? New and upcoming farm simulation games!

But maybe you don’t think that way because you fall into the statistical research done by the ESA for this year? Maybe you like everything on tiny screens like over 60% of the gaming population? Maybe you long for that nostalgia of old Pokémon games on those tiny Gameboy screens? It’s okay, your brain’s wired for that!

But you know what you’re not wired for? Excessive CO2 emissions, and that’s where YouTube could lend us a hand. Oh, and Ford’s doing stuff with VR. All that and more on Techscopo news!


– 17:42 – Doraemon: Story of Seasons demo coming to Japan! But what even is this game?

– 35:14 – ESA’s 2019 video game statistics show that we can’t get off our damn phones because we’re playing games on them, with even more statistics to chew on.

– 59:46 – Pokémon buffs may have tiny regions of their brain dedicated to recognizing Pokémon.

– 1:12:02 – 5 historically low game deals you may want to add to your game library today!

– 1:14:17 – Next-gen Livescribe smart pen in the works, along with a new app and Microsoft Office integration

– 1:17:53 – Ever wonder how much information Google has collected about you?

– 1:31:26 – Research suggests simple YouTube design changes could drastically reduce CO2 emissions

– 1:42:32 – Ford designers dropping their pencils and paper in favor of VR goggles

– 1:51:41 – Indiegogo campaign for GoSun Chill: A solar cooler that goes off-grid

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